Panoramic vision systems are many and diverse, ranging from fisheye lenses and wide-angle mirrors such as may be seen in any large market to powerful pan-tilt-zoom cameras and complex, clever assemblies of lenses and mirrors designed for larger fields of view. All of these suffer from various drawbacks – image distortion, cost, or ruggedness – which make them less than ideal for many purposes.

IEM developed our unique, patented Synthetic Field of View (SynthFOV™) system design to address these concerns . SynthFOV™ units may cover an entire panorama or any fraction thereof with high-resolution, low-distortion imagery period.Moreover, SynthFOV™ units have no moving components and therefore are not subject to the physical breakdowns seen in other systems.In production such systems can also be quite inexpensive. Only very minor and simple image processing – easily performed by a single microcontroller – is necessary for SynthFOV™ systems to provide top-quality,easily understood imagery of the entire panorama.