The standard idea of security involves patrolling guards and security officers watching multiple screens displayed from all across a complex. The problem with this image is that both rely on humans to perform all aspects of observation, alertness, and decision-making. Eight hours of staring at screens will lull even the most determined individual into a less-than-observant state. Moreover, human security sufficient to observe a large area – even with the assistance of wide-spaced cameras and other sensors – is very expensive.

IEM has developed a number of technologies to provide improved and more flexible security. These technologies include smart video analysis to automatically detect and identify potential issues, multispectral imaging and processing to remove false alarms and allow operation in all weather and lighting conditions, acoustic sensor processing to detect significant sounds, and wireless sensors of various types which may be deployed around a target perimeter.

Current research areas where IEM has developed critical knowledge and experience for developing advanced security and environmental monitoring programs include: