Railroad yards are the true center of commerce throughout the nation, seeing essentially all products and raw materials pass through them. It is essential that the yards continue to operate and the cargoes make it to their destinations intact and undamaged.

The Problem.

Railroad yards see the transportation of virtually all the country’s goods, ranging from steel to the latest electronics and fresh foods. The yards contain some of the most expensive and in many cases advanced equipment in the world. This unfortunately makes railyards potential targets for vandals, lone or organized thieves, and possibly even terrorist activity.

Railroad yards are also very large installations covering a huge area of ground; this, plus the presence of tall traincars blocking easy line of sight, makes human surveillance virtually impossible; it would take a small (and very expensive) army of security guards to assure constant vigilance over all parts of the yard. At the same time, ordinary security cameras are not the solution, as they must be monitored by human beings who will become easily bored and less attentive no matter how conscientious the person is. Even a short period of inattention may be too long; only minutes are required for a terrorist to enter and plant an explosive.

In addition, intruders who are not inherently hostile – thrillseekers (children or older), homeless individuals, and others – may be at serious risk when they enter a railyard, and it is vital to notice such people and act immediately to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

IEM's Wise Solution.

TranSentry for Trespass Detection to actively observe activities in and near railroad yards and to report suspicious behavior in a timely fashion.