Rail yards such as freight yards, passenger coach yards, and intermodal yards can be easily subject to entrance by criminal elements. Typical yard security may consist of gates & fencing, natural barriers, or nothing at all.

The Problem.

Rail Yards are vulnerable to the criminal elements. For example, millions of dollars per year is spent on combating vandalism, such a graffiti. Commercial cargo, hazardous materials cargo, and military cargo can be easy targets for theft or vandalism due to the large size of most yards and very limited resources for monitoring all the trains, containers, and potential security risks.

IEM's Wise Solution.

TranSentry for Rail Yards to actively observe the broad areas associated with rail yards and to report suspicious activities in a timely manner.

By employing a combination of fixed mounted cameras and acoustic sensors along with roaming autonomous devices, TranSentry for Rail Yards enables rapid identification of possible threats, can track multiple targets at once, and can assess the nature of the threat before generating an alert.