Intelligent FlameFinder™ Detection and Alert System

Building on our patented smart multisensor security technology, experience in multisensor systems, and our NASA-licensed FlameFinder™ technology, IEM has developed the Intelligent FlameFinder™ Detection and Alert System, which uses both the Flamefinder™ imaging technology and acoustic sensing to detect invisible flames and leaks across a wide area, while ignoring distractors such as hydrogen flare stacks, sunlight, flame reflections, and welding.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic Flame Detection: Detects and locates flames automatically
  • Camera Field of View: Wide area of coverage
  • Ignores Distractors: Sunlight, flame reflections, flare stacks, etc. will not distract IFDAS results
  • Fast Response Time: Detection and alert time of 1-2 seconds.
  • Finds Hidden Problems: Acoustic detection of flames and leaks, finds problems even behind piping and equipment.

Hydrogen and other alternative fuels, such as many alcohols, have many positive attributes, including lowered carbon footprint and renewability. However, these and others have the dangerous characteristic that their flames are invisible or nearly so in ordinary lighting conditions, meaning that a hydrogen fire can be tremendously hazardous to firefighters – who will not be able to see what they’re fighting. This also means that it is often difficult to detect a hydrogen fire when it starts until the secondary effects become obvious, at which point the fire will be much harder to control.