Security monitoring is one of the major issues facing the nation today. While human observers theoretically offer the greatest security, manpower demands are prohibitively expensive and come with the drawbacks of human inattention and limited senses. Current automated systems offer some relief, but are generally limited in setting, reliability, and sense modalities that are not easily integrated into other systems. IEM’s Smart Sensor Security System lies at the core of all of IEM security based technologies by providing a robust multi-modal sensor architecture.

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimal Cost, Maximum Vigilance: Monitor any given location for much less cost than standard personnel, while having security that is never distracted.
  • Use any hardware: IEM’s Smart Sensor Security System technology adapts to any sensor with minimal effort.
  • Video. Infrared. Acoustics. You Choose: The Smart Sensor Security System includes the ability to detect, track and identify targets in all three of these modalities and can add capabilities for other sensing modes as well.
  • Customizable: The Smart Sensor Security System is adaptable to your needs-indoor, outdoor, on the water, theft detection and prevention. The interface enables the user to set many critical parameters and requirements.

Smart Sensor Security System that has applications in settings ranging from railroad trespass detection and aircraft cabin security to Border Patrol, military secure perimeters, shipboard security, and home and commercial security. Derived from work with NASA, NAVSEA, the U.S. Army, and other federal and state agencies, the system can use custom or legacy hardware, integrate multiple other sensors, and is designed to be expandable to many different security requirements.