IEM’s Thermal Brake Infrared Imaging Camera System provides a complete system for pre-screening vehicles for inspection, allowing a quick and easy method to evaluate the right vehicles for physical inspections while permitting most of the vehicles to quickly pass through and continue on their way.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • See vehicles with likely faults as they pass
  • Only physically inspect vehicles likely to have problems
  • Provides view of both sides of vehicle. No wheels are missed.
  • Operates in either manual mode with operator or in a semi-autonomous mode where camera operations are automated and user merely has to take note of the wheel conditions.
  • Reduces waiting and inconvenience to well- maintained trucks
  • Visible and IR imagery makes it easy to accurately identify problem vehicles.

It is challenging to select the right vehicle for inspection in a commercial vehicle inspection station. Visually, many commercial vehicles look similar. Moreover, even when a vehicle is operated by a known and generally reputable carrier, the vehicle may have something wrong with it, while even a carrier often known for lack of maintenance can still have perfectly serviceable vehicles on the roads. It is, well-known that a proper use of thermal infrared imaging permits a viewer to immediately see – by the distribution of heat – which vehicles may have problems with their braking or bearing systems; bad bearings will overheat significantly, while brakes that are failing to engage will be cold; locked brakes will be overly hot. IEM’s Thermal Brake Infrared Imaging Camera System saves time, energy, and money.