IEM’s SIRIS™ Smart Infrared Inspection System provides high-quality evaluation data of the safety and functionality of numerous components of a commercial vehicle – brakes, axles, and bearings – which passes through an inspection area. While extremely useful, this still requires that all potential vehicles of interest be stopped or severely slowed to pass through the inspection area (usually an off-ramp to a rest-area or similar location). The ideal system would pre-screen commercial vehicles while they were still on the highway, and only direct those to exit to the inspection area which showed signs of potential trouble. The problem with this has historically been that thermal infrared imaging cameras are simply incapable of capturing clear images of such vehicles at highway speeds.

IEM has recently overcome this major obstacle in the development of our new High-Speed SIRIS system. Using patent-pending and proprietary infrared imaging technology, IEM is now capable of obtaining crisp, easily analyzed images of vehicles moving at full highway speeds. This allows the same patent pending image processing used in SIRIS™ to be applied to vehicles on the main highway, and select only those vehicles which appear to have problems to be diverted to an inspection area.