SIRIS™ advances the current state-of-the-art for thermal inspection of commercial vehicles. SIRIS™ employs smart vision processing algorithms to automate the process. SIRIS™ evaluates every vehicle that passes through the system and compares the thermal signatures against a set of rules generated from past inspections. For vehicles with potential safety problems, SIRIS™ generates a report and forwards it to facility staff that may then pull the vehicle over for a full inspection.

Key Features and Benefits

  • System Approach: Compatible with existing inspection systems reducing integration complications or the need for new training.
  • Intelligent Evaluation: Eliminates the need for a dedicated inspector.
  • Portable or Permanent Installation: Flexibility to choose the best solution for the user without sacrificing function.
  • Inspects Both Sides of Vehicle: Always considers the entire vehicle.

SIRIS™ employs a sophisticated data fusion model that treats each vehicle as a whole. SIRIS™ uses two, infrared cameras to capture thermal signatures of both sides of the vehicle. Using paired axle data from an entire vehicle, SIRIS™ accurately assesses the condition of brakes, bearings, and tires. Decisions are not made based on what a wheel “looks like,” but rather on a complex evaluation of actual temperatures of all elements of the vehicle.

SIRIS™ benefits the end user in two fundamental ways. First, because it does not require a dedicated operator to simply watch the screen and make judgments about what may or may not be a problem, SIRIS™ costs substantially less to operate than current thermal inspection systems. Second, by applying a set of standard rules to every vehicle, SIRIS™ focuses inspector’s attention on only those vehicles that have a known correlation to safety concerns.