In 1987, IEM changed the way railroads measured wheels with its Electronic Wheel Gauge, the only electronic gauge approved for use by the American Association of Railroads. The Mini-EWG does away with the separate controller and attached cable and now incorporates electronic controls, keypad, and LCD display into the gauge head. Elimination of the cable and controller makes use of the Mini-EWG much simpler and more user-friendly than ever.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Accuracy: The Mini-EWG provides consistently accurate measurements of flange height and thickness, rim thickness, and reference groove
  • Versatility: Can be used for measurement of any rail-based wheels
  • User-Friendly: Weighs less than 2 pounds and displays easy to understand, menu driven, operating instructions
  • Transmission of Data: Uploads data by direct or wireless connection via IR or radio signals

Using the Mini-EWG will save time and money by increasing accuracy and semi-automating the wheel measurement process for locomotive, freight car, and transit car maintenance.