The ability to sense heat, vibration, stress, and even chemical signatures is invaluable in being able to detect mechanical problems or even cargo leakage before these become a dangerous issue. IEM’s Self-Powered Sensor Nodes (SPSNs) provide these abilities and more in a self-contained and powerful package:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Self-powered from environmental sources using our RailPower™ suite of energy harvesting solutions. No battery changing needed.
  • Up to 8 sensors per SPSN of nearly any type allows one node to serve many purposes

  • Self-contained nodes can acquire, store, and process data onboard or simply relay raw data onward.
  • Detect hunting, flat spots, brake or axle issues long before they become critical
    • Predict need for maintenance and schedule – eliminate unexpected maintenance delays
    • Reduce or eliminate chances of catastrophic failure
  • Combine with onboard GPS tracking to detect and localize bad track issues
  • Monitor cargo integrity and condition
  • Communicate with other nodes or central locations using IEM’s unique WiseNet™ wireless sensor networking for rail applications

IEM’s Self-Powered Sensor Nodes provide a powerful, modern, affordable, minimal-maintenance method to track the health of an entire fleet of railcars.