IEM's Vibration-based Flat Spot System is designed to measure changes in wheel roundness stemming from flat spots or flattened wheel conditions.  The design stresses non-contact measurement using an array of accelerometers mounted to the rail to sense the physical impact of the wheel on the rail.  The accelerometers are spaced along the rail to ensure the coverage of at least one wheel revolution.  The system is designed to respond to only mechanical impacts and is unaffected by natural variables or possible electrical interfaces that may occur.  This ensures high reliability of the system.



  • Protect and limit rail and wheel breakage
  • Helps to reduce machinery and bearing damage
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Interfaces with IEM's WISE™ System to create a complete wheel inspection system
  • Can reduce costly repairs and damages caused by improper manual inspection
  • Can reduce overall damage done by rail and wheel breakage

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable Detection. Flats touching the rail are detected due to the spacing of the accelerometers to ensure the coverage of at least one wheel revolution.
  • Reduced False Alarms. Accelerometers respond only to mechanical impacts and are not affected by natural variables.
  • High Validity. Flat wheels are followed closely due to the high degree of redundancy.
  • EMI Protection. Accelerometer cables are treated, double shielded and electrically insulated from the rail.
  • Ability to measure different sized wheels. The system can measure wheels of any size, ranging from large locomotives to those of a small vehicle.
  • No Damage to the Rail. Components are clamped onto the rail. Installation is simple and does not damage the rail.