Accurate assessment of visibility is a critical issue for many applications, such as airports, maritime ports, and roadways. IEM’s patented Video-based Visibility Sensor System offers a completely unique approach to visibility monitoring. Unlike competing products that measure only one factor which leads to poor visibility, the Video-based Visibility Sensor System literally “sees” in the same manner as a trained human observer.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Determines actual visual range
  • Recognizes variable visibility over wide range
  • Uses techniques similar to trained human observers
  • Advanced contrast and feature analysis to determine actual visibility
  • Improves safety of many transportation modes: air, water, roadways.

Based on patented IEM technology, the Video-based Visibility Sensor System provides direct, accurate, complete measurement of visibility at a lower cost than other complex and less effective instruments. The Video-based Visibility Sensor System can perform equally well at night or during the day, and even “understands” that visibility across a wide area may not be constant, and can be programmed to recognize variable visibility conditions and convey this information to appropriate locations. IEM can develop and customize a version of the system for use in any setting where visibility measurement is an issue.