Increased concern for security monitoring of large areas under widely varying lighting conditions, has created a demand for wide angle lenses that pass infrared energy in the 8-12 μm infrared spectra.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Covers wide area with single IR lens
  • Minimal image distortion
  • Standard C-mount makes lens for easy use
  • Very high image quality: In use by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for sensitive sky imaging studies

IEM’s unique wide angle lens meets that need and provides clear benefits in a variety of applications. With a 150° angular field of view, this lens can provide sharp images on an infrared focal plane sensor of up to 120°. There are no other infrared capable lenses on the market today that provide such wide coverage. The lens is optimized for use on uncooled focal plane arrays and can be used on any infrared camera that accepts standard C-Mount lenses. Because the lens maintains a fixed focus from about one meter to infinity, it is ideally suited to automatic, unmanned applications. Actual performance will depend upon camera design and imager size. When paired with IEM’s IR Camera, this lens provides 116° horizontal and 85° vertical field of view with minimal barrel distortion.