Current infrared cameras exhibit a range of technical shortcomings that affect image quality, noise levels, and speed of operation. IEM addressed these issues in its innovative Hi-Res IR Camera.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Increased AGC Loop Speed
  • Logarithmic Gain Control: reduces excessive blooming when a bright object passes through the field of view
  • Low Noise Electrical Design
  • Improved Thermoelectric Cooling
  • Size: The form factor of this IR camera will be less than 3 inches on a side
  • Cost: IEM’s IR camera will sell for 20% less than competing cameras
  • Resolution Enhancement: Smart Cumulative Interpolation algorithms can effectively double the pixel resolution of the camera to 640x480, or better.

Testing of the camera has confirmed that it provides significant noise reduction over competing cameras. IEM’s design also enables the camera’s optics and imaging unit to be placed as much as several feet from the processing electronics, thereby reducing the physical bulk required at the sensor head site. IEM’s design provides for substantial savings and costs about 20% less than competing cameras.