Automatic Wheel Inspection Monitoring System Improves 92-Day Inspection Process

IEM’s laser-based TrueProfile™ technology adds another dimension to improving the quality of your 92-day locomotive wheel inspections. Using multiple-line lasers, high-speed cameras, and software developed by IEM, the wheel monitoring system automatically measures and compares actual flange thickness, flange height, and rim thickness to AAR or FRA specifications (or uses your own corporate criteria).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Actual measurements are immediately compared: Measurements for flange thickness, flange height, and rim thickness taken automatically with laser sharp precision.
  • Immediate evaluation and notification: Actual measurement are immediately compared to specified criteria and an immediate notification is sent to shop if any measurement fails criteria.
  • Inspection schedule alerts: Visual and audible alerts notify engineer if locomotive is beyond 92-day inspection date.
  • Ease of installation: Single tie-box designed enclosure for fast installation and implementation

Using a single tie-box designed enclosure for housing lasers, cameras and communication for Notification purposes, the system can be installed and operational in less than a day. Notification to your shop includes a photo of the locomotive with ID number, wheel location and identified defect.